Anti-Spam Policy

Compliance with statutory obligations and internet users’ rights through our anti-spam policy

NP6 is committed to combating spam; it is one of our main priorities.
In addition, we ensure that statutory obligations relating to email marketing are met, and the rights of internet users not infringed upon, in accordance with the legislation on computing, data storage and freedom of information (see French data protection authority website CNIL).

Our objectives

  • Limit the substantial costs to businesses brought about by spam.
  • Check compliance with statutory obligations in accordance with French legislation on Confidence in the Digital Economy and CNIL.
  • Respect the rights of internet users.


We take full measures to protect you.

  • Optimum configuration of our servers.
  • Implementation of all the latest methods for handling spam.
  • Work in close conjunction with internet service providers.
  • Maintenance of our own spam detection and handling engine.
  • Immediate handling of complaints received.