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MailPerformance: SaaS email e-CRM and Marketing SMS software

MailPerformance: SaaS email e-CRM and Marketing SMS software.

MailPerformance is multi-channel e-CRM software for email and SMS broadcasting. Powerful and user-friendly, MailPerformance offers all the functionality for designing, targeting, testing, executing and analysing your email and SMS marketing programmes.


Integrated multi-account mode

MailPerformance offers a multi-account white label solution for agencies, companies and organisations requiring multiple branded accounts. All the functionality necessary for completely autonomous account management, secure and customised, is available by default.

Open, integrated emailing software

MailPerformance can create a dialogue tailored to suit each of your customers at each stage of their life cycle connecting to your CRM, web analytics, e-commerce platform or any third-party applications.

Recognised deliverability expertise

With more than 15 years’ experience and millions of emails sent, MailPerformance offers expertise coupled with an excellent reputation to guarantee one of the best deliverability rates in Europe.


Professional Services of MailPerformance

NP6 have a team of experts available for outsourcing all or part of your email campaigns.

NP6 guarantees service quality, accountability, data security, help and advice at every stage of your e-marketing project, thanks to ISO 9001 standardised project management.

Management of email & SMS campaigns

Our team of web designers, email and SMS media specialists can help you with every aspect of your campaign management from building HTML and managing your database and broadcasts to technical support, advice and strategy.

Multichannel relational programmes

We can help you formulate and implement programmes to optimise your customer relationships in line with your marketing strategy both digital and off-line: online competitions, surveys, viral marketing, welcome strategies and reactivation programmes.

Marketing email design

Our highly experienced designers are available to design your html templates, online forms, competitions or questionnaires in line with your corporate identity or branding guidelines. One of our White Papers is dedicated to email design and may be downloaded here: “Email: Performance & Design”.

Responsive design

The prevalence of smartphones and tablets has meant huge growth in opens and clicks on mobile devices. It is vital for the success of your email marketing, to ensure your emails render perfectly across a variety of devices and email clients. NP6 designers specialise in responsive design and can build your email templates for maximum impact across all platforms.

Advice & Strategy

Our experts can analyse the results of your campaigns and measure their effectiveness (marketing impact, behavioural analysis, deliverability indicators, conversions, etc.) to define the best online strategy for you to quickly achieve your acquisition and/or retention goals.

Optimised Deliverability

With more than 15 years’ experience and millions of emails sent since the group was founded in 1999, NP6 offers you its expertise, excellent reputation and the technical quality of its software to guarantee one of the best deliverability rates in Europe and support you in building your e-reputation.


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