Our team is composed of experts in statistics, mathematics and marketing. This unique convergence of skill sets allows us to offer an innovative approach that puts your data at the service of your marketing strategy.
Our goal is to provide you with a deep knowledge of your clients, enabling you to anticipate behaviours to trigger the appropriate actions at the best time, thus optimising your ROI.



Analyse the different components of your market

Studies are essential to acquire a good market knowledge and to guide your decisions at every step of your company’s development, your products or your services.

Leader on quantitative studies processing, we accompany you in setting up and analysing your studies:

  • How does your market evolve?
  • What are your clients’ needs and expectations?
  • How to segment your clientele?
  • How is perceived your company, your product and services?
  • Are your clients satisfied with your services?

From the choice of the most appropriate statistic model through to your problematic, to operational recommendations on actions to implement, our business experts are by your side to help you reach your business goals.

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Exploit the full potential of your data

Your data is a mine of information that can increase the value of your client knowledge and optimise your marketing actions.
We help you to fully exploit this potential by providing answers to the following questions:

  • What are the objectives to attain and the use cases to implement?
  • What are the relevant data sources?
  • What is the useful information?
  • How to reconcile and unify these different sources to gain a 360 degrees view on your clients?
  • What processes to implement in order to activate data?

Once these questions are answered, we provide a personalised accompaniment to frame your project.


Data Mining

Understand your clients to present adapted offers

Our team of data mining experts assist you with the analysis of your data: typology, segmentation (RFM, SML…), scoring, purchase co-occurrences, buying process modelling…
The goal is to help you detect the signs which will enable you to relevantly segment your clients in order to propose adapted offers within personalised marketing campaigns.

  • How to make the most out of your customer surveys?
  • How to describe your clients’ behaviours?
  • How to segment your clients?
  • What products/services to push?

Our flexible approach uses both an industrialised method and a tailored consideration of your needs and business constraints.






Exceed your business objectives

Consultancy is at the core of our DNA. For over 15 years we assist more than 500 marketing departments in setting up tailored strategies:

  • Integration of your different data streams, inputs and outputs,
  • Marketing program implementations,
  • Graphic creation and integration,
  • Deliverability of your marketing campaigns and transactional messages.

We make your actions more efficient in order to attain and exceed your business objectives.




ROIImprove your campaigns ROI

Our experts help you to define pertinent and actionable KPIs, from a strategic to an operational level.
Our advice and recommendations cover the entire value chain of your digital marketing:

  • What are the successful customer journeys?
  • How to move from mass-marketing to one-to-one marketing automation?
  • What content to offer to each client, and with which channel?
  • How to improve your campaign’s exposure?

We assist you in measuring your operational gain and piloting your digital performance.