Your data cross-channel activation platform



The platform automates collection, processing, reconciliation and activation of your data:
CRM, web browsing, transactions, emailing, display, social…
Available in SaaS, thanks to a native connection between the Ezakus DMP and the MailPerformance cross-channel campaign management solution, the platform enhances your client knowledge, personalises interactions with your customers, improves campaign targeting delivering an optimum user experience.






Centralise your data in one unique place

We collect, centralise and unify all your data in real time. You aggregate and reconcile your client data streams to one unique repository. You gain a global, unique and cross-channel vision of your clients in order to broadcast personalised messages at the right time, through the right channel.






Reveal the true potential of your data


Visualise and explore your data in a few clicks. Thanks to our intelligent and self-learning algorithms, you anticipate your client’s behaviours:
product appetency, channel preference, attrition rate, engagement level …
Thanks to its look-alike technology, the platform enables you to identify your top customers in order to target other individuals with similar behaviours, thus optimising your marketing campaigns’ ROI.





Broadcast the right content, to the right person at the right time

Orchestrate your marketing scenario and deliver hyper-personalised messages through various channels: email, display, web, mobile, social… and offer a unique experience to your customers.
Benefit from dashboards and personalised reporting to measure and analyse the results and ROI of your campaigns.